“Let a man enter a low, vast crypt, supported by numerous pillars, crude courts; although he can walk and
breathe freely, he will lower his head and in his spirit only sad ideas, dark images will arise.

Let this man enter a building whose vaults rise to a great height, flooded with air and light, he will raise his
eyes, his figure itself will reflect the ideas of majesty that thicken in his heart.”

Eugene E. Viollet Le Duc

You will receive free energy mapping of your home with some tips within 7 days.

Meanwhile you can start doing some things:

– Eliminate unnecessary things

– Eliminate or fix broken things

– Remove dirt (dust, grease)

– Make order

– Purify and change the air in the rooms (open widely the windows)

– Flavor purified environments with candles or incense or fragrant flowers

“The higher reward for man’s toil is not what he gets for it, but what he becomes by it.”

John Ruskin