Taking care of your well-being through disciplines and activities that are and must remain the heritage of all, is the first step to take care of others.  

Combining Feng Shui and martial arts common languages,  we can create a personal research path to rediscover new sensitivities in the perception of our body and the place where we live. 

Courses of Meditation,  Qi Gong,  Taiji Quan,  Feng Shui are held in our showroom with this purpose.  We are in search of  well-being that is nothing but the joy of living, the concrete perception of our being, right here,  right now. 

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 Everyone encloses in its date of birth 4 pillars of the destiny. 

Discovering what are the hidden potentials of the individual and what to do to achieve them is the task of Ba Zi.   Starting from the coordinates of the date and place of birth, it identifies the 8 words that tell of the personal inclinations of each of us. 


Also called the acupuncture of the habitatFeng Shui literally means “Wind and Water”, the two elements that shape the Earth. 

This practice makes possible to understand the relationships that exist between man and the surrounding environment.  Any new construction or renovation can be an opportunity to develop the potential of a space, creating a harmonious whole in a dynamic and positive relationship with its daily use. 


Emptiness of the mind in immobility and silence, physical intuition and spirit presence cultivation,  make rediscover new sensitivities in the perception of our body. 


Learn to awaken the vital energy by strengthening the function of the respiratory and vascular system, influencing the metabolism of all body cells.


Increasing speed and strength through slow gestures, soft movements and their harmonic execution. 

Activate in depth every part of the body, developing a synchronicity and physical dynamism that generates, at any age, the vital energy which is the true basis of well-being.